Frequently asked questions

Why do you offer a Corporate Workshop?

Workplace Happy Hours are driving up employee happiness up by 66%! At the same time it would not be uncommon to see a diabetes or seizure alert Service Dog in an office to aid a colleague. You will see them more often at a resturant or at a store, and those are the moments that you need to be prepared for. In addition, becoming knowledgeable about peopel with disabilities is a way to promote inclusiveness. Our corporate workshop is a perfect way to promote team building and help staff bond with each other in a more personal setting. With various drink packages to cater to your office preference, everyone is able to enjoy a relaxed evening while learning some amazing facts about Service Dogs!

What accounts for the variation in price?

Prep time, outside hires & duration of workshop are taken into consideration for pricing.

Corporate vs Trivia Workshop?

One thing to consider when choosing a Corporate or Trivia Workshop is recognizing that the Corporate Workshop is relaxing and social while the Trivia Workshop is collaborative and team-oriented. Both workshops cover the same information but in a different way. The corporate happy hour is a relaxed style where we provide a short presentation and the rest of the time is open bar, wheras the trivia is an engaging activity where your employees are on teams and trying to win the game!

What times are your workshops available?

After you purchase your specific workshop, you'll recieve a link to pick a specific time that works best for you and your group.