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Green Leaves




A condensed workshop covering the important job Service Dogs do, public etiquette, different kinds of working dogs and what makes a Service Dog different. Student workshops are perfect for enhancing basic knowledge about working dogs, and teaching inclusivity with people who are disabled. Each workshop is specifically tailored to different age groups to keep the students entertained and to keep the technical terms at an age appropriate level from pre-k to college.

If you want to apply for 'For the Love of Students' grant please contact us 

Customer-Based Business


Businesses struggle with knowing at what point they can legally ask a potentially fake Service Dog and handler to leave because they are being disruptive while also being accepting of their customers with disabilities and Service Dogs. We discuss in detail with employees and management their rights to prepare them on how to remove an untrained animal without the fear of being sued. We also take a deep dive into safety situations that most people aren't prepared for. Did you know you generally shouldn't call paramedics if a handler faints or seizes?



Basic training to raise awareness among your workforce with a happy hour package. There are many studies on how after hour events sponsored by companies promote happy, dedicated employees, which is exactly why we created this learning opportunity that is specifically tailored for office settings! This training encourages how to be accepting and knowledgeable about people with disabilities, Service Dog etiquette, and collaboration amongst employees.



Trivia is a fun, light-hearted game that will allow for team building. This trivia game revolves around Service Dog information to provide your staff an opportunity to learn about Service Dogs and to get to know their fellow staff members on a more personal level. After hour gatherings help promote dedicated, happy employees. 

Private Consulting




Service, emotional support, and therapy dogs are 3 very different kinds of working dogs that each have their own training/handler requirements and protected under different laws. Navigating this is difficult which is why we're here to help. Your private consultation covers everything you will need including recommendations, requirements, links, laws, reputable and vetted trainers/agencies, and more! You will be provided with resources designed for you and your location, and all of your questions will be answered.

If you are a veteran, please contact us about our 'Thank a Veteran' grant to cover the cost of your consultation. 

Liaison Representation


Personalized Liaison Services are needed when you're having difficulty with a business, landlord or doctor and need someone to advocate for you and your rights. We often are hired for service dog handler related issues, but we specialize in all reasonable accommodations for the disabled community. We are here so you don't have to spend your days advocating for your basic rights, let us do all the work for you! When you hire legitimate representation, the issue is generally resolved within a week. If the issue persists or you're requesting for additional liaising for  longer term including assistance on an ongoing legal case, please contact us before booking so we can ensure we can fit your needs.